What is the Green Innovation Index?

California’s clean economy sector is diversifying and advancing according to new data highlighted in the 2014 California Green Innovation Index. Next 10's sixth edition of the Index reveals new data about clean tech patents, investment levels, energy productivity levels, state GDP relative to greenhouse gas emissions, California's clean economy jobs and more.

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The Carbon Economy

California ranks among the most efficient and least carbon intensive economies in the world, reducing greenhouse gas emissions while still increasing economic output.

  • Emissions per capita had a slight one percent uptick in 2012 compared to 2011 following an inrease in total emissions, though improved in the longer term with a 17 percent drop since 1990.
  • California became more carbon efficient while it increased economic output, with GDP per person up 2.2 percent since 2011 and 16 percent since 1990.

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Total California Greenhouse Gas Emissions

ghg emissions

GDP & Emissions

ghg and gdp

The Carbon Economy

carbon economy

VMT & Emissions

vmt and emissions

Energy Efficiency

California's early and sustained adoption of energy policies has generated large improvements in energy efficiency and lowered energy bills for consumers.

  • California's per capita energy consumption has dropped a dramatic 24 percent since 1970. The rest of the U.S., in contrast, fell only four percent over the same period.
  • Between 2010 and 2011, California decreased 0.4 percent, while the rest of the U.S. dropped 1.4 percent.

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Energy Productivity


Energy Consumption Relative to 1970 Per Capita

energy consumption

Renewable Energy

Through its commitment to renewable energy, California remains at the forefront of the nation on results such as solar installations and generation capacity.

  • California has broken its renewable electricity share every year since 2008, and reached a new high in 2012 with 15.4 percent of total electricity generation, about three times the percentage of the U.S. as a whole.
  • Renewable energy in California increased 1.3 percentage points in the last year alone.

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Energy Generation from Renewable Sources


New Solar Installations in California


Clean Technology Innovation

California continues to be the leader in clean technology innovation, with its companies receiving the most investment and ranking highest in U.S. Patent Registrations.

  • California maintained its national leadership in clean technology patent registrations, achieving the highest or second highest number of registrations compared to other states in all segments.
  • The state registered 43 percent of the country's solar patents and 29 percent of the nation's battery patents.

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Venture Capital Investment in Clean Technology

vc investment

California Clean Technology Patents: 2012-2013

patent table

Clean Economy Jobs

California's policies, investments, and market forces continue to drive growth in the clean economy, creating jobs in activities ranging from research to installation, and businesses in a variety of areas such as water efficiency and bio-based advanced materials.

  • California's Core Clean Economy (in terms of jobs) grew faster than the economy as a whole in the last decade, up 20 percent between January 2002 and January 2012, while the total economy increased only two percent.
  • Since January 2011, employment in the total economy continued its rebound from the recession with a two percent increase, while the Core Clean Economy increased about one percent.

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California Employment Growth Relative to 2002


California Employment by Clean Economy Segment

employment by clean segment