• Another one of the biggest programs funded by the GGRF is the Affordable Housing and Sustainable Communities Program (AHSCP). Initiated in 2015, this program provides loans and grants to invest in sustainable housing, transportation, and other related infrastructure and amenities. In 2021, $357.4 million was invested into this program for 112 projects, of which $326 million benefited priority populations.
  • The AHSCP is associated with significant environmental benefits including 514,129 MTCO2e GHG reductions, which is equivalent to 110,779 gasoline-powered passenger vehicles driven for one year. Cumulatively, the program has reduced emissions by an estimated 2,514,667 MTCO2e since it was created in 2012, or the equivalent of 316,755 homes’ energy usage for one year. The program has also resulted in 1.5 billion vehicle miles traveled (VMT) reductions and 71 million kilowatt-hours (kWh) of renewable energy generated.
  • The AHSCP created a total of 6,543 new jobs in 2021 with its investment, generating $778 million in total economic output—more than double the investment. The program has also produced $1.4 billion in travel cost savings, or roughly $1 per vehicle mile not traveled.