• To understand green job specialization and prospects more comprehensively, this analysis looks at occupations related to the clean energy economy, regardless of whether or not they are by definition within a “green job” industry. In this analysis, the green labor force refers to occupations that are directly engaged in activities involved in the green energy transition. Some of these occupations are already devoted to green activities, while others are not currently devoted to green work but could be. An occupational analysis therefore provides some sense of an area’s capacity to join the green economy.
  • Table 7 shows green employment LQs, by state in descending order. With a location quotient of 0.91, California has a lower density of green jobs than is implied by its total number of jobs overall. There is not a high degree of specialization in any state, even in Utah, Wyoming, and Indiana where LQs are the highest. However, many of the most specialized states are those in the traditional and newer industrial belt, including North Dakota, Kentucky, Michigan, South Carolina, and Tennessee.