• The May 2021 budget for FY 2021-2022 proposed billions of dollars of investments in equitable and clean transportation to achieve California’s climate goals.77 These investments would promote walking, biking, transit and other modes of active transportation that reduce Californians’ dependence on driving and the overall vehicle miles traveled. These investments in sustainable transportation infrastructure align with the conceptual investment framework under California’s Climate Action Plan or Transportation (CAPTI),78 which is directed by Executive Orders N-19-19 and N-79-20. The final budget added even more transportation programming, including $1.4 billion for electrifying heavy- and medium-duty vehicles and $525 million for consumer rebates.79

77 A copy of the transportation budget can be viewed here: http://www.ebudget.ca.gov/2021-22/pdf/Revised/BudgetSummary/Transportation.pdf

78 The Climate Plan or Transportation Infrastructure, released in July 2021, is available here: https://calsta.ca.gov/-/media/calsta-media/documents/capti-july-2021-a11y.pdf

79 See NRDC analysis of the final budget