• In 2019, California’s average monthly industrial (i.e., manufacturing-oriented customers) and residential electricity bills per customer were 39.1 percent and 11.7 percent lower than in the U.S., respectively. In addition, California’s advantage over the U.S. in having a lower average industrial sector electricity bill has nearly doubled from being 20.9 percent lower in 2009 to being 39.4 percent lower in 2019. While this is welcome news, the industrial sector consumes much less electricity than natural gas.
  • California’s average monthly commercial electricity bill (commercial customers including non-industrial facilities like government offices, service-providing facilities, and other public and private other organizations) was 42.7 percent higher than the U.S. average, owing mainly to higher rates for commercial customers. The state’s edge over the U.S. in electricity cost savings has diminished notably—from 18.2 percent lower in 2009 to 11.8 percent lower in 2019.